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AETC National Evaluation Center Launches Nationwide Data Collection Web Site

July 6, 2011

The Aids Education Training Center National Evaluation Center (AETC NEC) has launched a new data collection and reporting web site. The site, designed and developed by Virtual Forum, will be used by regional training centers across the country to record and analyze data on their activities.

As federally funded organizations the regional AETCs are required to gather detailed information on their training efforts and provide statistical data to HRSA each fiscal year. The AETCs also gather a large amount of statistical information about their participants which they use for their own goal and activity planning for the future.

Virtual Forum created a secure, intuitive web site for each AETC to enter, manage and report on their own activities. The system includes a registration component for participants to register on-line for future events. Data subsets in the system can also be upstreamed to the National Evaluation Center and to HRSA to fullfll reporting requirements electronically reducing the workload for the AETCs.

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© 2024 Virtual Forum, Inc. All rights reserved.